We serve a hearty breakfast and you can enjoy your evening meal with us both served in our rustic farm-style dining area overlooking the gardens leading down to the Duzi River.

Mlabalaba Restaurant

The dining area is open for breakfasts from 06h30 to 09h00am Mondays to Fridays and from 08h00 to 10h00 on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Breakfast consists of selected cereal, yoghurt, toast and preserves followed by a hot breakfast selection of bacon, eggs, sausage and tomato.

Mlabalaba Restaurant is open to guests of Ascot Bush Lodge as well as outside patrons.

We offer an a la carté menu for the convenience of our guests. A braai (barbeque) can also be arranged and enjoyed al fresco.


Our quirky African ‘shebeen’ style ReZone Bar is open daily for guests and their visitors.

The meaning of Mlabalaba…

Umlabalaba is an intriguing “mind-building” Zulu board game that is often translated as “Zulu Chess”. There are two versions of the game in Zululand involving slight differences in the board layout and the end game. The isisuthu version has 25 positions (i.e. points on the board where two lines intersect) upon which counters can be placed, whereas the isizulu version has only 24 positions.

In both games, however, each player is given 12 counters which are played alternately – one counter at a time – on any of the board positions. After all the counters have been used in this way, the counters can be moved one space at a time to new positions along the lines on the board. If by chance (in isizulu) all 24 counters are placed on the board and no counter has been captured (for which see further), then each player is required to remove one of his counters and “gift” it to his opponent. In this case, the first person to remove the counter is the one who played first.

The object of the game – like tic-tac-toe – is to form a consecutive line of three counters either vertically, or horizontally (as well as diagonally in isisuthu) both during the first phase of the game (placement), and during the second phase (movement). Each time a player forms such a line, he removes one of his opponent’s tokens from the board. The winner is the player who succeeds in capturing ten of his adversary’s tokens.

We are a unique venue in Pietermaritzburg and offer a variety of options for the use of our scenic grounds and facilities for corporate events,  family gatherings and weddings.

Please contact us on 033-3468910 for more information.